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  • Website Design

Hope Factory Identity Design & Brand Guideline.

Inspire the charity industry on an international scale by introducing innovative, cost effective, and trendy solutions to our community that can be replicated and duplicated with ease


Started with few identity concepts based on the initial brief given by the client. The message was to come up with a brand that gives hope to the kids who are unfortunate in life and don’t have access to basic needs.


We have drawn our symbol from a number of sources. It is a visual representation of our hopes for the user. The Book shape represent our objective of education. Where as the word H transform into two hands. The one in need and the one whos there to support and guide.


The bespoke wordmark adopts a uppercase style to appear warm, accessible and friendly. The geometric sans-serif digital typefaces lettering suggests compassion and understanding, while that’s assertive but never imposing, friendly but never folksy, confident but never aloof.

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